Thank you for your interest in becoming an alumni mentor through Marquette’s CIRCLES eMentor Network. We hope that sharing your professional insights and talents with a Marquette student or recent graduate will be a rewarding experience for both of you.

The guidelines that follow contain suggestions for enhancing the relationship between mentors and mentees. Please take a moment to review them before visiting our mentor sign-up form.

Responsibilities of an alumni mentor

A mentor helps to guide a student or fellow alumnus/a by sharing expertise, advice, personal experiences and insight, helping the mentee to understand the different career options and companies in the field, the daily work involved in their professions, and the skills which will improve their success potential. Mentors encourage mentees to network with other professionals and educate mentees on available networking options. As an online mentor, we ask that you:

Provide students and fellow alumni with advice on careers, industries/industry trends and organizations within your areas of expertise
Respond in a timely, professional, and appropriate fashion to inquiries
Keep contact and career information updated
Feel free to limit the number of contacts in a time period

As an online mentor, you are NOT expected to:

Provide job opportunities
Review resumes
Review business venture proposals
Interview students or participate in extended communication over time
Recruit students or alumni for open positions at your place of employment

Mentor tips:

Set communication standards. When the mentee initially contacts you, decide how often and by what means you will communicate – feel free to choose to interact via LinkedIn, email, phone, in person or whatever suits you. Don’t overextend yourself or feel that you have to be available to your mentee daily.

Personalize your career advice. Share your professional experience and knowledge through personal stories. Describe your job history, current responsibilities and any advice about job opportunities in your profession or industry. Offer advice for the best way to get a strong start in your field.

Think beyond the classroom. Help your mentee identify additional experiences or training to pursue prior to entering your field to help him or her be more competitive. Share your knowledge of companies in your industry and help to facilitate information interviews when you can.

Encourage your mentee to get connected. Suggest other networking opportunities such as community groups and service and professional organizations in your area that might be resources for your mentee to gain further knowledge about a particular industry or profession. Provide contact names if you have them available.

Provide informational materials. Share an annual report, non-confidential project, industry newsletter or other items available that may help your mentee gain a more solid understanding of your profession or industry.

Give a tour or invite job shadowing. If you decide on an in-person meeting, show your mentee around the office and walk him or her through your typical day.

Offer general, geographic-based support. For a student looking to relocate to the area in which you live, general insight and information can be very helpful. Explain the various neighborhoods; suggest your favorite restaurants, grocery stores or shopping centers, etc.

Things to remember:

You and your mentee can decide on a time commitment together – whatever works best for you and fits into your life. 
Keep your LinkedIn and MU Connect profile information up to date. Please notify the Alumni Association if you are no longer able to participate in the program or if your contact information changes.

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